[Release] IrelandOffline: Latest ComReg survey highlights broadband misery

Damien Mulley - IrelandOffline Info at Irelandoffline.org
Sun Dec 10 17:50:49 GMT 2006

Facts from latest ComReg "Trends" survey[1]:

One third of dialup users (countrywide) failed to get broadband. (Page 38)
39% of dialup users in Munster attempted to get broadband and failed
42% of dialup users in Connaught and Ulster attempted to get broadband
and failed.
15% of dialup users in Dublin attempted to get broadband and failed.
Digital divide between Dublin and rest of country is widening.

ComReg claim more people are now on DSL broadband than are on dialup
(Page 43) , however 47% use dialup and ISDN which is a dialup
technology as it ties up the phone connection when in use like normal
But 42% use dsl. Page 37

Responding to the release of the latest ComReg survey, consumer group
IrelandOffline have expressed serious misgivings about the ability of
the regulator to get broadband for all and deliver genuine progress
reports on the broadband situation.

Damien Mulley, chairman of IrelandOffline stated "Our broadband
progress is not improving in relation to the rest of the world. We are
being outpaced by most developed countries, while at home the digital
divide is increasing between Dublin and the rest of the country. This
is another Christmas present from ComReg, dressed up as a diamond,
when in reality they're giving us coal. "

A recent report from Forfas [2] showed how poor Ireland is when it
comes to broadband, with Ireland placed 24th out of 32 countries for
broadband penetration and Forfas themselves stating their lack of
confidence that Ireland is improving: "Although broadband take-up in
Ireland (now 9.2%) is increasing, Ireland's relative performance has
remained largely unchanged." stated the Forfas report.

Talking about the ComReg survey itself and lack of information
therein, Mulley stated "This is their most unimaginative survey to
date. Gone are the questions about why people are still failing to get
broadband and what can be done to improve the situation.

More and more the press statements from ComReg are massively
disconnected from the harsh reality of high telecoms prices and
absurdly bad broadband penetration. We now have to rely on surveys
being carried out by other European regulators."

Recently, OfCom, the UK telecoms regulator released a report [3] which
showed that apart from Japan, Ireland had some of the highest telecoms
prices in the world (page 84, 85). In the same report the UK regulator
highlighted how bad Ireland was when it came to broadband. (page 82)

Mulley added: "We hope that under new leadership, ComReg might make
core changes to their attitude and start seriously tackling issues
surrounding broadband availability and high telecoms prices. This is
however what we had hoped for two years ago on appointment of the then
new ComReg chairperson."

** Notes **
[1] http://www.comreg.ie/_fileupload/publications/ComReg0664.pdf
[2] http://url.ie/2jz  (Page 15)
[3] http://www.ofcom.org.uk/research/cm/icmr06/icmr.pdf

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