[Release] Consumer group voices support for ComReg Ultimatum

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Consumer group voices support for ComReg Ultimatum

Consumer group IrelandOffline today endorsed ComReg's latest ultimatum* 
to eircom. The strong and blunt ComReg directive tells eircom to toe 
the line and start facilitating Local Loop Unbundling** or face High 
Court action and potential fines. This comes after eircom stubbornly 
refused to attend a meeting with ComReg and other industry providers 
last week.

John Timmons from IrelandOffline commented "Eircom has stated that the 
public are talking down broadband yet they are the ones who are holding 
it up. That the Regulator needs to threaten High Court action is 
indicative of the contempt and disregard eircom holds for Ireland's 
broadband rollout. As has been the case all along, eircom is once again 
acting in an anti-competitive and monopolistic manner, attempting to 
bully and brow-beating both the industry and regulator into accepting 
that eircom has the divine right to be the dominant operator in 

Damien Mulley, Chairman of IrelandOffline outlined his group's backing 
of ComReg. "We fully support this strong move from ComReg to remedy the 
serious LLU issues in Ireland. The compliance order from ComReg is 
demonstrating to the consumer that the regulator is now willing to go 
as far as is necessary to give everyone a better chance of availing of 
quality broadband for all."

Over recent months a more proactive attitude has been seen from ComReg, 
which observers put down to a change in leadership and appointment of 
an additional commissioner. ComReg has recently been forcing through 
more competition in the mobile market and now it is tackling the local 
loop part of broadband supply.

IrelandOffline has been consistently calling for a more transparent LLU 
process citing examples where other telecoms companies have been unable 
to avail of LLU due to the extortionate costs involved in obtaining 
access and equipment space in eircom's exchanges.

John Timmons added "These are precisely the actions of a monopolist who 
has for far too long held onto its unfair and dominant position with an 
iron grip and continues, in spite of all the requirements of a modern 
and open economy like 21st century Ireland, to hinder progress at every 
turn. These recent actions by eircom have demonstrated beyond doubt 
that it can no longer be trusted to act in the country's best 


*Comreg Statement: 

** Local Loop Unbundling is the process whereby operators competing 
with eircom can gain access to and control of the telephone line 
between the local telephone exchange servicing the customer and the 
customer’s premises – commonly known as the last mile or local loop.

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IrelandOffline is a voluntary organisation consisting of home and
business Internet users unhappy with currently available Internet
connectivity products and services. Its brief is to campaign for the
development of flat-rate and high-speed Internet access services and to
promote innovation and competition in the Irish Internet marketplace.
The group currently represents over 2300 Internet users.

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